Sn4k3 was an awesome project back in our younger high schools days. My friend, Josh Haimson and I developed this game from the ground up, using Java. Essentially it’s a simple snake clone. Unfortunately we never got around to finishing it (although I may go back if I have free time to do some work on it), but it has all it’s core features. You start as the one circle green snake. Your food is the yellow circles that spawn. The point of the game…eat as much as you can before you die…how do you die? You’ll die by running into one of the boundaries, or by colliding into yourself. The game features four difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard. My high score….182 on Hard and…. 47 on very hard… Very fun game. Unfortunately one of the things we never got around to adding was a restart menu but like I said I may go back and rebuild it for funsies.

Anyways heres the downloads:


n0t3pad – A java programmed notepad

n0t3pad was a simple program I wrote to show off simple file opening/saving functions and clipboard functions. The program is…well… A simple notepad application. It’s basic functions included file opening, file saving, copy, cut and pasting to/from clipboard. I’m too lazy to compile the program into a executable JAR so I’m simply releasing the source.


Burger King Coupon Generator

NOTE: This coupon generator may no longer work. It’s been ages since I’ve actually been to a Burger King.

On the back of every Burger King receipt is a blank line, and a phone number for a survey. Once you call the number and complete the survey the representative will then give you a coupon code which you could then write on the line. Upon bringing the receipt back to Burger King they would reward you with a free sandwich or fries or whatever the free food was. Like I said I don’t really remember anymore. I’m not even sure if the survey is still there and if it is if it’s for the same reward and using the same algorithm. Basically the algorithm was simply two letters followed by six random numbers. The two letters however were determined by whatever month it was that the survey was taken in. The program simply, runs and auto detects the month. It then just generates 6 random numbers for that months code. Simple and effective and I remember at the time of development it worked beautifully.

Anyway since I’m sharing all my old code and programs I figured this would be a fine one to share as well.



Remembering Catch The Babies

Yes I still have a few older things to post up still, but am still waiting for verification that I’m allowed to so until then I thought I’d take a minute to go back and remember something….something very dear to me and I’m sure a few others as well. Something called Catch The Babies. This was a project I had running many many years ago. It was also the first game I’d ever made. I built the game using XNA 2.0 when I was in 9th grade, so they year must of been either 2007 or 2008. Anyway it was absolutely horribly coded and beyond disgusting to look at (from a coding standpoint and visually). Me, being the terrible artist I am decided to use MS Paint to do the designs and imagery and pulled the baby pictures from Google images. At the time, I hadn’t truely worked my head around how the hell A game engine actually functioned and so Catch The Babies just evolved into the biggest, messiest sloppy code in history, yet still managed to function rather well. Unfortunately due to hard drive failures and a lack of any one else saving it, both the source code and installers have been lost but there is still one remaining video on youtube recorded by a friend of the game.

Anyway I thought it would be appropriate to pay homage to the long lost and long missed classic as I begin a series of new projects, one including a brand new game engine and game I plan to begin working on this summer. I’ll also be posting the JAR and source to the second game I made, SN4K3, that one in Java and with a partner Josh Haimson later or in the following days.

C++ ID3v1 Editor

For my CS240 (Data Structures) class, we were set up to make a program. Any program we wanted. There were no restrictions and guidelines. What did myself and my group do? A simple yet effective C++ ID3v1 Editor. What’s this? The program works by having the user drag an mp3 file to the exe. Then the program spits out the files ID3 tags (Artist, Album, Title, Year, Comments) and allows the user to edit the info. Relatively simple yet something that I needed, and I’m sure will be useful to others as well. I was the sole programmer of the programmer (as well as main author of the technical paper) while my partners worked on the presentation and also the technical paper. Anyway the source code and technical paper may be useful to anyone interested in how this works so please enjoy!

Technical Paper

RandGur DotNet

Today I’m releasing something I’m Calling RandGur DotNet. What is it? It is a program which randomly pulls images from imgur and displays them to you. Hence RandGur. Why DotNet? Because it was developed in C# which is a .net language of course! I’m not going to go too into detail on how it works because if you’re curious the source code is also available for download. Features A Full screen mode, saving of the images, copying of image url’s and more. This is the first version of RandGur DotNet. I’m considering also writing RandGur in html/php as well as c++ but who knows. Other projects are also in the works so we’ll see how it goes.

Note I am not responsible for the images shown as they are all coming straight from the Imgur service. If you have any issues copy the link and discuss it with Imgur.

If you like the program and would like to support my broke ass please feel free to donate :)

Download Binary
Download Source