Payday 2 Save Manager

The Payday video game franchise is probably one of my all time favorites. Recently in Payday 2 though there have been many users losing their save files due to unfortunate game crashes or hackers custom LUA codes destroying non hackers games. For this, I created the Payday 2 Save Manager. The software gives a nice little UI to let users make as many backups of their saves as they’d like. Never fear losing your current progress. Create a backup! If anything ever goes wrong with your save you can use the tool to restore your backup! The tool also supports multiple Steam accounts on the same machine. Thank you to those on SPUF and SCUF for helping me test and giving me potential ways to improve the program.

Create Backups of your Payday 2 Save File
Restore Backups
Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows
Supports Multiple Steam Accounts

Upcoming Features———————-
Support for Steam on alternate HDD

GitHub Here
Executable JAR Here

Payday: The Heist: The OverCard

Well, out of boredom and seeing someone make something similar on the Payday The Heist community forums I decided to make a full PVC printable template for the credit cards used in the game…The Overcard. The template is designed to be printed with the Epson R280 printer. It has the front and back of the card, with editable fields as well as a simplified set up so anyone can customize or change the look if they feel like they’d like to. I’ve also added a UV layer so anyone with a second R280 with UV ink can then print the UV layer for extra coolness. I haven’t been able to print one of the cards for myself yet, but I plan on doing so very shortly once I get over to my friends house that has the compatible printers.

In the mean time here’s a screen shot of what the front and back of the template I made look like in Photoshop.

Overcard Screenshot from Photoshop

Overcard Screenshot from Photoshop

The Download Link Is Here