Stubbs the Zombie OXM Demo Release

Last week I released the Stubbs The Zombie OXM xbox demo on Assembler Games. The demo was ripped from an OXM demo disc (#54) and is easy to install. The demo features the water contamination level and does not seem to feature any content cut from the original game (at least none that I have yet to find). To play the game simply extract the game folder from the provided zip file and ftp the folder onto the location you store your games on your original Xbox.

As Stubbs The Zombie is my favorite game I was ecstatic to find a demo for the game though I was hoping for some new content. If anyone has any unreleased content or leaked content, or even early builds of Stubbs The Zombie or if anyone has any information on a Stubbs sequel (I believe some concept art was created for a sequel) please reach out to me and let me know!!fYhA2Zbb!an9wJMsLgtvSNCobYDI9odiO90I6gWScQMekHYTTNu0