RandGur JS 1.0

Since I’m home, and bored I decided to take the C# application I wrote, and start porting it to the internet. RandGur JS is a random Imgur image viewer that now runs in a webbrowser! It will also be Open Source!!! (shortly) . The base of the software is in javascript with an HTML frontend. I’ve seen software like this programmed in PHP before but have yet to see it in Javascript so here is my version 1. I still have some changes and edits planned but for now it is how it is. I’ll update the post with the source once it’s completed. Anyway check it out!

RandGur JS
RandGur JS Source

RandGur DotNet

Today I’m releasing something I’m Calling RandGur DotNet. What is it? It is a program which randomly pulls images from imgur and displays them to you. Hence RandGur. Why DotNet? Because it was developed in C# which is a .net language of course! I’m not going to go too into detail on how it works because if you’re curious the source code is also available for download. Features A Full screen mode, saving of the images, copying of image url’s and more. This is the first version of RandGur DotNet. I’m considering also writing RandGur in html/php as well as c++ but who knows. Other projects are also in the works so we’ll see how it goes.

Note I am not responsible for the images shown as they are all coming straight from the Imgur service. If you have any issues copy the link and discuss it with Imgur.

If you like the program and would like to support my broke ass please feel free to donate :)

Download Binary
Download Source