Splinter Cell Demo (Xbox) release

Recently I got my hands on a demo disc for Splinter Cell for the original Xbox. Because of my passion for games I’ve always been a fan of game demo’s and early builds of games because, every so often you’ll find content used the in the demo that may have been scrapped or later altered in the full game. I’ve yet to play this demo build of Splinter Cell but after doing a quick Google search I actually was unable to find any rips or copies of the game online. An interesting thing to note is that the demo disc I was given was not a multi-demo disc. It is a disc directly from a source at Microsoft prior to the titles release. The only thing on the game is the Splinter Cell Demo. A photo of the disc can be seen below:

There is another demo build of Splinter Cell from an OXM demo disc. I have no idea if this is the same demo build as the OXM demo or if it’s a totally different demo. I have not played either the OXM demo nor the demo I’m releasing yet. The demo’s might be the same. They also might be totally different. I’ll let you, the players find out.


Using the demo requires a modded original Xbox. I personally use the XBMC dashboard but any modded dashboard like EvoX should work fine. Download the file below and extract the directory from the zip file. Use an FTP client to FTP into your Xbox. If you’re not sure how to do this you can find many tutorials on google on how to do so on whatever dashboard you happen to be using. Using your FTP client drag the extracted directory over to the wherever you store your games on your Xbox hard drive. Close your FTP client and on your Xbox head over to wherever your games are stored. Boot up the Splinter Cell Demo and enjoy!




I originally released this demo on the AssemblerGames forum. If you like this release go ahead and give my post a like on the forums. I have quite a few more demo discs here most of which are publicly available demo discs, however the demo’s are not available online. Soon I’ll be releasing my favorites online just like this demo.