Collectables Update Number 1

Me being a bit of a video game collector, recently got a shipment of fucking amazing Collectors Editions of some popular games. The neat part. The Collectors Editions were only released in Russia, so many thanks to my friend Renat for finding and hooking me up with these sweet boxes. Unfortunately there’s so much stuff there was actually 41 pictures worth of bad ass stuff so I’ve only attached 1 photo from each box and the rest of the photos are zipped up here.

Left 4 Dead Big Box edition:

Though the outer box came a little beat up, this thing is sick. Inside came a Russian exclusive Left 4 Dead shirt that is really cool. The hand huge on the back of the shirt, with Left 4 Dead, Valve and Akella logo’s on the front of the shirt. Along with that is a nicely made and pretty heavy black bracelet (I want to say made of leather though I’m sure it’s not real) that says “L4D Survivor” on it in big raised red letters. The game comes with a “the making of” dvd inside a really nicely made disk sleeve, with artwork that I really wish I could share better then the photos in the zip file. The case has absolutely beautiful artwork of the beta characters which I personally loved almost as much as the final skins. The coolest piece in the box however was a Left 4 Dead keychain. It’s an extremely well sculpted and beautifully painted keychain of the thumb that has been ripped off of the hand on the cover of the game. It’s got weight to it too so I’m not sure what it’s made of but the detail is great. You’ve even got a bit of bone sticking out the torn off end.

Dead Island Big Box (unsure which collectors edition): There was many releases of this game. The Russian version I picked up is pretty sweet and I’m unable to find many others like it. It includes a game sleeve which includes the game on disk as well as a “the making of” dvd along with a PC game manual. It comes with a miniature leather pouch pressed with the Dead Island logo into the front of it. It’s not huge but it’s nice. One thing it came with that I didn’t quite understand exactly was that it came with a Dead Island photo album. Again it’s somewhat small, but it is actually nice. About half of the photo slots are filled with postcards from the Dead Island island. The real gem of the package was the Bandana and button shirt. The bandana is basically just a cut off piece of the shirts material but the shirt is really nice. It’s numbered 42 of all the boxes made in the world, and it’s actually very comfortable and looks really bad ass.

Postal III: Pink Collectors Edition. This is probably the rarest box I got. For Postal III’s release which was way less than great there was the black collectors box released and the pink box. Black box had many more copies made, though both contain the same inner items. This was probably the coolest box in my opinion. As soon as you open the box you’re greeted with a nice hello from a plush doll of your favorite penis shaped mascot, Krotchy. It’s a decent sized and pretty cool plush for being a penis. Next to this is a box which includes the miniature game manual as well as a game sleeve. The sleeve which had bad ass artwork all over it, included the 2 disk game installation disks, as well as a “the making of” dvd from Akella along with the games soundtrack and even a little Krotchy magnet, which is always nice to have. Also in there was a pretty large map of the city of Catharsis with in game ads and signs on the back of it. Under this was probably my favorite part: A large absolutely beautiful art book. It’s big and I mean it really has a lot of pages, filled with tons of content. My only regret is not knowing enough Russian to read the book so I’ve added learning Russian to my list of things to do. Lastly under of all of this in the box it included a Russian copy of the Postal Movie which, though made by Uwe Boll, was actually pretty decent. I enjoyed it.

Along with all of that I picked up a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Dickies jacket which was a limited time offer on the Rockstar Warehouse, as well as I’ve picked up the steelbook for pre-ordering the new Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide.

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