It’s February: What’s New?

It is February and it has been a decently long time since I’ve updated the site and so I figured today would be a good day to do so. A lot has been and probably will continue to keep changing which some what explains the lack of updates and content.

First things first, just a few minutes ago I’ve posted a book/guide that I wrote as my final project for my “Writing Software Documentation” class last semester. I got a 100 out of 100 so I think it’s good enough to deserve a release on my website. Obviously it’s free of charge and available via the post published just prior to this or via the Rosenbooks section of this website.

Second I’ve finally updated the Mike Rosenberger home page. Not too much. I’m not crazy. Same basic thing but now with more useful links so you don’t have to come to the blog, to then continue to search for say my github or linked in. Links are now on the index page. Hooray for anti-laziness.

Third thanks to someone on github the Payday 2 Save Manager has had a pretty significant update. They’ve added the ability to manually locate the Payday 2 directory if none is found, as well as added a button to delete as opposed to just using the delete key for backup deletion. After looking it over I’ve pushed it as an official update, and am happy someone else had picked up updating when I’ve been too busy too.

So now onto what I’ve been spending my time on. The answer is a LOT. I’ve been doing lots of work for the Factory Times (the official SUNYIT student magazine). This includes writing on the still in-the-works blog (all can be seen from entering the Factory Times section of this site), designing and working with porn giant PornHub for our recently released Factory Times February issue dubbed “The Sexy Issue” (Digital version of this issue will be released soon), as well as just simply doing a lot of PR. I’ve been dealing with many companies in the gaming Industry and have been more then welcomed by many. Thanks to them I am working on real gaming reviews for their games and it is something I could not be more excited about. I’m also currently working with some other students here and starting some time next week I will be one of the hosts of a late night talk show on SUNYIT’s local TV channel. This is just another thing I’m quite excited about.

Along with all of that I’m working on a number of projects. The current one I’m busy planning with two others and a few helpful companies is launching a website that I am very eager to get fully launched. I’m not going to go into too much detail but it revolves around some things I mentioned in the above paragraph. I’ll announce more when the time is right. I’ve also been hard at work for one of my CS classes working on enhancing ClassX, a video streaming service certain classes offer. I’m currently working on porting the actual player over to HTML5/JS from Flash and/or Silverlight as well as building a system to take a full video and automatically create a subtitles file for it. It is unfortunately taken up more time than I initially anticipated so I haven’t had much time to work on many of my own projects.

As if that wasn’t enough I’ve been toying with some Unity, but a lot of UDK and Phaser game engines to really get myself back in the game-dev state. It’s been a long time since I’ve made any games and I’ve got the desire to do it again. So that’s where the remaining of my time has been.

I’m hoping to update more but will likely do so only once I’ve got something to share.

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