Ubuntu Basics For The Linux Noob

So last semester I took a course on writing software documentation. The class goal: to teach us students how to create good looking, well written, helpful documents and guides to using specific software. The final project: write a guide on software you use. I decided to write my guide on the operating system I had just recently switched over to Ubuntu Raring Ringtail(13.04). What started out as a basic documentation book shortly turned into a short 35 page e-book. I’ve named it Ubuntu Basics For The Linux Noob. Why? It’s a simple beginners guide to picking up Ubuntu.

Now this book is not designed for everyone. If you’ve used Linux (and especially Ubuntu) before this book is probably not for you. The book covers the very basics of the operating systems and many of it’s built in features. If you’ve never used any computer before, this book will certainly help but there are some places that may confuse you. The book is primarily designed for folks moving to Ubuntu from other operating systems such as Windows or Mac OSX.

I’m happy to finally release the book onto the internet now for the low low price of free in the hopes that whomever may find it will hopefully find it helpful. I’m happy to say that the book scored me a perfect 100/100 on the final.

The book can be read or downloaded from here


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