TimerText version 1.0

Another application I have developed is called TimerText. Anyone following my github will have seen this program grow since it’s infancy into the nearly completed project it is today. TimerText allows you to choose a contact or enter whatever number you need to contact, your message and what date and time you want to send your message. On the specified date and time the program will then send your message to the specified number. This is almost the version that will be available on the Play Store. It currently has one major issue and once that bug is fixed it will be able to be found there. The software will forever remain free and open source with the APK and source fully available on Github. The release on Play Store will be the exact same software, but will cost $1, as a donation for the software. Anyone who wants it without paying may do so by downloading from Github.

Current Build Status——————————-
Timers Set and Respond to date/time occurrence
Sends Texts to users at specified date/time
Sent Messages are automatically added to conversation in messaging app
Notifications are working
Basic Queue/List is in place – will be further updated and improved

Known Bugs———————————–
Occasionally Messages will not be sent and no notification will appear. This bug is currently being worked on and fixed. Upon it’s fix it will be published to the Play Store.

Github Source
Play Store APK….coming soon

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