HackMIT 2013, The spawn of the Hollerverse

I am officially back from HackMIT 2013, which occurred this past weekend. I spent the weekend working with Michael Moskie and Shashank Sanjay, and what was created was HollerVerse. Hollerverse is a one stop shot to blast message your friends (or enemies) in all ways with one button press. One button press will send your message to your friends Twitter, Facebook(unfinished), Email address, and their cell phone via SMS and phone call. We want you to holler at the universe. The application was created entirely at HackMIT 2013 in Python, using the Tweepy, SendGrid, Facebook and Twilio API’s.

The work in progress REPO can be found here
The final more well put together build can be found Here

The submitted ChallengePost URL can be found Here