Thrift Store Finds 4/6/2016

I frequently go out to thrift stores hoping to get cool goodies at good prices. I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing the deals I get on this blog because it’ll be fun.

Today is 4/6/2016 and I went by my local Unique Thrift Store. My purchases can be seen below:


The Phantom Menace VHS was $.69. Why buy it? Well I’m working on my Star Wars collection for owning every release of the movies. Since there is one or two minor differences in the movie between the VHS and DVD/Blu Ray versions I had to buy it.

Gran Turismo 2 is the black label edition of the game and cost me $1.49. It is complete with both discs in good condition. It also included both booklets so I was pretty stoked on adding this classic to my PS1 collection.

Five Nights At Freddy’s The Silver Eyes was $1.49. I’m not a fan of these games but I think the lore they’ve created is pretty interesting. Could be a cool book to read and if I don’t like it I’ll probably just sell it.

Star Wars Tie Fighter Collectors CD-ROM Big Box cost me $1.99. I’m not positive if this thing is complete as originally shipped but it comes with quite a bit and is in pretty great condition. The outer box has a small crunch on the side but everything else is mint. Very excited about this find, as it was probably the best find of the day.

Star Wars!

After all is said and done I spent a total of $6.15 after tax. I’d say it was a pretty successful day of thrift shopping.

My Game Collection

I love collecting video games and video game memorabilia. I’ve been building my collection for some time now, and I decided to build myself a small little database to ensure I had my collection cataloged. Each system that I have games for has it’s own sheet with all games listed in alphabetical order. There’s also a cover page with some standard information like total from specific platform family, etc. Only PC has digital games listed. As far as all other platforms go I’ve only listed the physical games I own. I’m currently deciding how I should go about adding my digital console games. I’m going to continue archiving all the rest of my media and goodies but for now I’m quite happy with the way my game database has come out. Want to see what I own? Check out my database at the URL below:

Until next time!

Stubbs the Zombie OXM Demo Release

Last week I released the Stubbs The Zombie OXM xbox demo on Assembler Games. The demo was ripped from an OXM demo disc (#54) and is easy to install. The demo features the water contamination level and does not seem to feature any content cut from the original game (at least none that I have yet to find). To play the game simply extract the game folder from the provided zip file and ftp the folder onto the location you store your games on your original Xbox.

As Stubbs The Zombie is my favorite game I was ecstatic to find a demo for the game though I was hoping for some new content. If anyone has any unreleased content or leaked content, or even early builds of Stubbs The Zombie or if anyone has any information on a Stubbs sequel (I believe some concept art was created for a sequel) please reach out to me and let me know!!fYhA2Zbb!an9wJMsLgtvSNCobYDI9odiO90I6gWScQMekHYTTNu0


Splinter Cell Demo (Xbox) release

Recently I got my hands on a demo disc for Splinter Cell for the original Xbox. Because of my passion for games I’ve always been a fan of game demo’s and early builds of games because, every so often you’ll find content used the in the demo that may have been scrapped or later altered in the full game. I’ve yet to play this demo build of Splinter Cell but after doing a quick Google search I actually was unable to find any rips or copies of the game online. An interesting thing to note is that the demo disc I was given was not a multi-demo disc. It is a disc directly from a source at Microsoft prior to the titles release. The only thing on the game is the Splinter Cell Demo. A photo of the disc can be seen below:

There is another demo build of Splinter Cell from an OXM demo disc. I have no idea if this is the same demo build as the OXM demo or if it’s a totally different demo. I have not played either the OXM demo nor the demo I’m releasing yet. The demo’s might be the same. They also might be totally different. I’ll let you, the players find out.


Using the demo requires a modded original Xbox. I personally use the XBMC dashboard but any modded dashboard like EvoX should work fine. Download the file below and extract the directory from the zip file. Use an FTP client to FTP into your Xbox. If you’re not sure how to do this you can find many tutorials on google on how to do so on whatever dashboard you happen to be using. Using your FTP client drag the extracted directory over to the wherever you store your games on your Xbox hard drive. Close your FTP client and on your Xbox head over to wherever your games are stored. Boot up the Splinter Cell Demo and enjoy!



I originally released this demo on the AssemblerGames forum. If you like this release go ahead and give my post a like on the forums. I have quite a few more demo discs here most of which are publicly available demo discs, however the demo’s are not available online. Soon I’ll be releasing my favorites online just like this demo.


Bin Laden Liquors: Game Maker Edition

First off let me say Yes! I’m back to update this blog occasionally. I realize I left it high and dry a while back when I launched Now that Gamerations has more people working on it than just me and I’m just about done with school I figured now would be a good time to get back into the Rosenblog. Basically I plan to post random thoughts and posts, unrelated to gaming as well as information about projects I start.

This time up is Bin Laden Liquors: Game Maker Edition, a game I made as a small way for myself to learn the basics of Game Maker Studio. This isn’t a tutorial but is rather some background information as to why I chose to do the project.

I purchased Game Maker: Studio not too long ago in the Game Maker Humble Bundle. As someone who loves games, and loves game development I’m always tinkering with different engines.I always strayed away from GM:S for a few reasons but primarily it’s reputation for being unable to make anything decent as well as it’s decently high costs. However I’m glad I did give the engine a try because after having played with it a bit I realized it’s actually a pretty great engine for small projects. It’s not without it’s own flaws and some aspects of the engine are pretty horrific but overall I was much more impressed with it than I expected to be.

I love learning. Especially when in regards to designing and building games. Games are so complex and difficult there is always something new to learn, and each engine brings new challenges. With GM:S not supporting any serious programming language and instead opting for their own scripting language mixed with a visual building block style of scripting it was a big change for me to go from languages like C#, Java and C++ for game development to this odd scripting languages. I’m not a great learner from tutorials though so I wanted a small project that I could easily break apart and teach myself how to build. For whatever reason the old flash game Bin Laden Liquors, and it clicked in my head that it was actually a great learning project. For reference the original game can be found at:

So first thing first, was to break the game down. There is a few basic rules the game follows which are outlined below.

– Needs to render a background image
– Needs to render text on top of the image
– Needs to have functioning buttons, one to enable/disable gore and one to begin the game
– Needs to render those buttons
– Needs to have text flashing on top of the
– Create high score file if none already exists
– Needs to render the background
– Needs to have random point generation for spawning enemies and hostages
– Needs to have events for if enemy or hostage is shot
– Needs to have timer so enemy or hostage retreat if not killed within certain time frame
– Needs to have events for if they are not shot in time
– Needs to have the player hand
– Needs ability to fire gun
– Needs events for firing
– Needs to handle amount of ammo
– Needs to store number of kills and misses
– Needs to have player follow cursor
– Needs to spawn blood splats on kill
– Should have slurpie effects
– Needs a HUD which gives up to date information
Game Over:
– Needs to render background
– Needs to render score on top
– Sound Effects need to handled at the proper times

So now with the list of things to handle it was off to google. Now I know how all of this would work and be handled within a standard language based engine but this was different. The main menu was first since, it’s simple and should provide some basic information. So I created my room for the main menu and got to work. Rendering the background and placing objects on it was as simple as selecting the background and it’s render mode followed by selecting the object to spawn and clicking where I wanted it. Of course settings had to be messed with to generate them in the correct scale but it was still next to no work. Text rendering cannot be done visually for some reason so I created an empty object which generated text during it’s draw event. This worked but created a hassle when trying to get text in the correct location. It was just an annoying series of trial and error. It was doubly so when I would render it with a shadow effect for readability, which ended up being accomplished by rendering black text behind the primary text a few pixels off the edge. It works but was an annoying period of time.

Once the menu text was properly created I simply needed buttons. My original plan was to create a simple button object which would then be broken up into how it acted later on. Unfortunately I didn’t know this exact thing was possible with the use Parent / child objects, something I learned post completion. My first system for having buttons working was to create the exact some object duplicated with a different action on its click. I later switched the system to a single button object which just acted alternatively depending on a button id, a variable I assigned the object. It was my own little Parent/Child system. Once the button object was fully functional, it was super simple adding the text and hover color change to the button objects themselves. As far as the functions themselves work, it too was incredibly simple. The Gore mode is a simple global variable which is changed between True or False depending on what it is when the button is clicked. The begin game button simply changes the room from the menu to the game room.

The game itself was the fun part to make and Game Maker: Studio made it fairly easy to get it functioning and testable in a very short amount of time. I began by creating a new room, and filling the background with the background image and then creating an object for the Player. The player object is simply the hand, and it also stores the majority of the important variables like hits, misses, ammo as well as the variables which control spawn rates. Spawn rates are being handled in a randomized manner so we have a number attached to the player object which then has a + or – amount of time built in ensuring that though the spawn rate is randomized it also stays fairly close. This makes it simpler for us to make a scaling difficulty as the player does well, our initial spawn rate value decreases making enemies and hostages spawn much more frequently.

Once the variables were set up it was time to get the player object moving. The object has the sprite for the hand centered which made it simple using GM:S’s built in mouse_x and mouse_y values to have the player object location set to the same location as the mouse on each frame. I gave it a quick test and sure enough the player object follows the cursor perfectly.

The rest of this post is coming soon!

Find the full project binaries and all code at–GameMaker-Studio-Edition

I’ll be updating this blog a bit more frequently now. More projects coming soon! has launched

After much work I am finally launching What is it? It is a gaming blog that I will be running. All of the latest gaming news and gaming previews and reviews. I am currently updating it daily with new gaming news. I do have plans to do many features with much older generation games. We also plan to do streams of new and old games as well as reviews of older generation games.

Check it out now and keep checking daily:

It’s February: What’s New?

It is February and it has been a decently long time since I’ve updated the site and so I figured today would be a good day to do so. A lot has been and probably will continue to keep changing which some what explains the lack of updates and content.

First things first, just a few minutes ago I’ve posted a book/guide that I wrote as my final project for my “Writing Software Documentation” class last semester. I got a 100 out of 100 so I think it’s good enough to deserve a release on my website. Obviously it’s free of charge and available via the post published just prior to this or via the Rosenbooks section of this website.

Second I’ve finally updated the Mike Rosenberger home page. Not too much. I’m not crazy. Same basic thing but now with more useful links so you don’t have to come to the blog, to then continue to search for say my github or linked in. Links are now on the index page. Hooray for anti-laziness.

Third thanks to someone on github the Payday 2 Save Manager has had a pretty significant update. They’ve added the ability to manually locate the Payday 2 directory if none is found, as well as added a button to delete as opposed to just using the delete key for backup deletion. After looking it over I’ve pushed it as an official update, and am happy someone else had picked up updating when I’ve been too busy too.

So now onto what I’ve been spending my time on. The answer is a LOT. I’ve been doing lots of work for the Factory Times (the official SUNYIT student magazine). This includes writing on the still in-the-works blog (all can be seen from entering the Factory Times section of this site), designing and working with porn giant PornHub for our recently released Factory Times February issue dubbed “The Sexy Issue” (Digital version of this issue will be released soon), as well as just simply doing a lot of PR. I’ve been dealing with many companies in the gaming Industry and have been more then welcomed by many. Thanks to them I am working on real gaming reviews for their games and it is something I could not be more excited about. I’m also currently working with some other students here and starting some time next week I will be one of the hosts of a late night talk show on SUNYIT’s local TV channel. This is just another thing I’m quite excited about.

Along with all of that I’m working on a number of projects. The current one I’m busy planning with two others and a few helpful companies is launching a website that I am very eager to get fully launched. I’m not going to go into too much detail but it revolves around some things I mentioned in the above paragraph. I’ll announce more when the time is right. I’ve also been hard at work for one of my CS classes working on enhancing ClassX, a video streaming service certain classes offer. I’m currently working on porting the actual player over to HTML5/JS from Flash and/or Silverlight as well as building a system to take a full video and automatically create a subtitles file for it. It is unfortunately taken up more time than I initially anticipated so I haven’t had much time to work on many of my own projects.

As if that wasn’t enough I’ve been toying with some Unity, but a lot of UDK and Phaser game engines to really get myself back in the game-dev state. It’s been a long time since I’ve made any games and I’ve got the desire to do it again. So that’s where the remaining of my time has been.

I’m hoping to update more but will likely do so only once I’ve got something to share.

Ubuntu Basics For The Linux Noob

So last semester I took a course on writing software documentation. The class goal: to teach us students how to create good looking, well written, helpful documents and guides to using specific software. The final project: write a guide on software you use. I decided to write my guide on the operating system I had just recently switched over to Ubuntu Raring Ringtail(13.04). What started out as a basic documentation book shortly turned into a short 35 page e-book. I’ve named it Ubuntu Basics For The Linux Noob. Why? It’s a simple beginners guide to picking up Ubuntu.

Now this book is not designed for everyone. If you’ve used Linux (and especially Ubuntu) before this book is probably not for you. The book covers the very basics of the operating systems and many of it’s built in features. If you’ve never used any computer before, this book will certainly help but there are some places that may confuse you. The book is primarily designed for folks moving to Ubuntu from other operating systems such as Windows or Mac OSX.

I’m happy to finally release the book onto the internet now for the low low price of free in the hopes that whomever may find it will hopefully find it helpful. I’m happy to say that the book scored me a perfect 100/100 on the final.

The book can be read or downloaded from here


Payday 2 Save Manager

The Payday video game franchise is probably one of my all time favorites. Recently in Payday 2 though there have been many users losing their save files due to unfortunate game crashes or hackers custom LUA codes destroying non hackers games. For this, I created the Payday 2 Save Manager. The software gives a nice little UI to let users make as many backups of their saves as they’d like. Never fear losing your current progress. Create a backup! If anything ever goes wrong with your save you can use the tool to restore your backup! The tool also supports multiple Steam accounts on the same machine. Thank you to those on SPUF and SCUF for helping me test and giving me potential ways to improve the program.

Create Backups of your Payday 2 Save File
Restore Backups
Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows
Supports Multiple Steam Accounts

Upcoming Features———————-
Support for Steam on alternate HDD

GitHub Here
Executable JAR Here

TimerText version 1.0

Another application I have developed is called TimerText. Anyone following my github will have seen this program grow since it’s infancy into the nearly completed project it is today. TimerText allows you to choose a contact or enter whatever number you need to contact, your message and what date and time you want to send your message. On the specified date and time the program will then send your message to the specified number. This is almost the version that will be available on the Play Store. It currently has one major issue and once that bug is fixed it will be able to be found there. The software will forever remain free and open source with the APK and source fully available on Github. The release on Play Store will be the exact same software, but will cost $1, as a donation for the software. Anyone who wants it without paying may do so by downloading from Github.

Current Build Status——————————-
Timers Set and Respond to date/time occurrence
Sends Texts to users at specified date/time
Sent Messages are automatically added to conversation in messaging app
Notifications are working
Basic Queue/List is in place – will be further updated and improved

Known Bugs———————————–
Occasionally Messages will not be sent and no notification will appear. This bug is currently being worked on and fixed. Upon it’s fix it will be published to the Play Store.

Github Source
Play Store APK….coming soon